Who am i

I love Snowboarding, Mountain biking, writing, socialising, food, oh and training…

I’m Joshua Le Patourel the creator of Lifestyled body and online coach, but thats only one side of me, I’m a traveler, action sports enthusiast, snowboarder, coffee loving fun guy always looking for that next adventure, put simply I’m just like many of you, we have more in our lives than training and nutrition but want to achieve fitness goals in harmony with our lifestyles, thats where i want to help you. I’m here to show you how to achieve the body you’ve always wanted with real proven methods, working alongside your other life goals and commitments, without the stress and confusion we’ve come to expect.

I’ve been training ten years now and in that time have researched and tried a lot of the methods out there, I struggled in the first years of my own personal journey to achieving my goal body, listening to the wrong advice in diet and training, falling for supplement scams and working through many injuries. Through the stress, hard times and doubt I emerged with a vast knowledge and would not be the coach I am today without my own negative experiences.

I gave up a promising career as a plumbing and heating engineer to follow my passion, after 6 years of gaining distinctions in all of my work and achieving awards I still knew I had more to give, being a coach was my mission and my gift to give back. I ran my own company in my home island of Guernsey successfully helping hundreds of clients before traveling, this opened my eyes to the vastness of lifestyles people lead, hugely varying commitments and priorities, a perfect plan for one individual would be utterly hopeless to the next, with online coaching i want to help people all over the world to reach their potential body transformation.

So why choose me?

If your reading this then you want change, you’ve probably read your share of the conflicting information out there about diets, training methods, supplements etc. It’s a confusing world with fitness models trying to sell you their exact workouts and pushing supplements sales on you, coaches discrediting others work to push their own, the list goes on.

So what if you’re not a fitness model getting paid to train? You might have kids, a full time job working 60+ hours a week, participate in sports often, have injuries, various commitments which you cannot set aside, you need a specific approach to you, you need a Lifestyled approach.

It’s my belief that there is a plan of action for everyone, an individual approach based on your internal goals, whatever that may be, and it can fit into your life.

Life involving training, not training involving life

Lifestyled coaching will be unlike anything you’ve had before, drop your previous experiences with coaching/personal trainers and let me take you beyond, teaching you how to achieve the body you crave, we’ve got this.



The highest levels of Online Coaching, fully customised to your needs from start to finish, with endless ongoing support to ensure your success throughout.


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